Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ugh, I haven't blogged in a long time. SORRY :O

So, now that I'm in middle school, there is supposed to be more drama (but there was more in elementary school) but so far I've only seen one incident in which their is drama. So this boy, I'll call him BK, he asked one my my friends out, I'll call her MM. She of course said yes because he is a cutey and he seemed really nice, and had funny jokes and always made her laugh! But after and week, he wanted her to kiss him! And we're only in grade six! Thank God, she said no and she broke up with him right after that! I mean the next think you know he wants her to make out with him and blah blah blah!

After that, he was desperate to find another girlfriend, because he had never been dumped before. So now he is hitting on girls all over the place and asking them out one after another! He finally found one girl to go out with him (she is also my friend) and she says that the minute she even hears a single rumour he wants her to kiss him, she is going to go all physco on his butt!

Even after they are together now, he still hits on other girls, or at least that's what I see. I feel really bad for any girl that 'hooks up' with him.

If we were in high school I would get why somebody would want his girlfriend to kiss him, but even then if she is not ready she shouldn't be forced to! And like I said we are only in grade six, so it really annoys me.

And I know, some of you are going to read this blog and totally think it is stupid that sixth graders are going out! Kate says that there is no reason to go out with somebody, because it not like when you have a boyfriend in grade six you can really do anything with him you can't do when he is your friend. I'm not allowed to go out, but personally I think that kids go out for the possessiveness. Like they're saying, "I like this person and he/she likes me! So please don't go asking him/her out all over the place!" lol that's what I think it is.

ANYWAYS, Kate is probably going to want the computer So I will log off now. CYAH!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Part of my Story.

I've been thinking fo writing a story for a while, but didnt et any ideas, until i had a dream the othe night. It as very scary but gave me a great story starter. This is what I have so far :D

I heard a distant scream. It echoed against the trees. The scream was scared, but very throaty like the person had been screaming for a while. I started to run as fast as I could, towards the sound, faster, faster. Normally I would’ve just ignored it, thinking it was a child or a couple of kids having fun. But I knew better. I could hear the terror in the person’s voice, loud and clear.

My feet were a blur of blue and black, scraping against the path, leaving a trail in the wood chips. My eyes started to water from the wind and my cheeks burned with the cold. I finally came to a stop in front of a small cabin. The screaming had stopped but I was sure this was were it had come from.

I took and deep breath, staring at the knob. My mind raced with thoughts. The image of a person trapped inside here for however long crossed my mind. Maybe they had gone missing.
I shook my head, shaking away the image and reached toward the door knob. My hand was shaking with fear and a cold sweat had broken across my forehead. A piercing shriek knocked me back, making me jump back, hitting my head against a tree. I gulped; it was so loud, so close.Maybe they were just behind the door, waiting for me to open. Maybe it had heard me, and now it was safe.

I walked slowly up to the door, my hands clenching into balls in front of me. I reached out toward the door, slowly turning the knob. The door swung open and a shrill laughter filled my ears. I felt myself being pushing inside, but felt another body brush up against mine.

A deep rumbled built in the back of my throat and worked it way up, coming out of my mouth as a scream. I turned around, throwing my body against the door to open it, hearing the same laugh, this time it was evil, almost happy. I screamed again throwing my body against the door with all my weight.

I was trapped. Alone. Cold. I needed to get out, soon.

Thats what happened in my dream, but it may not sound that scary. I don't have much time to post but I tell you a little about the story.

Like me the person in the story is having a dream. I plan on making her dream like a vision but that happens waaaay later in the story.

Anyways, I wanted some suggestion on maybe how I can improve my writing, if you like it or not, on maybe somthing i can add onto it! Thats it for now, Bye!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Twilight Blog :o

This is going to be hard to admit, but I must say it. I AM A JACOB BLACK FANGIRL! o.O

Okay phew, got that out of my system! I just finished reading eclipse and i think it is a super duper awesome book!! Except Bella is marrying Edward! Phooey...

I've been watching a lot of youtube videos about how to annoy Edward and these are some of my favorites.

1 Ask him how old he is.

2Then drop your jaw and say 'Oh my GAWD your OLD!'

2 stab him with a pencil (teehee)

3 Show him a picture of Robert Pattinson and luagh at the resemblance

4 Watch Harry Potter and when Cedric appears scream 'CEDWARD!'

5 Wear a Team Jacob shirt

6 Make him wear a Team Jacob shirt.

7 Tell him you think his piano playing is horrible and that he must be tone deaf

8 Imagine his brothers naked while following him around.

9 Ask him for a blood donation

10 Tell him 'you' know what Bella's thinking

11Everytime you see a car, jump infront of it and scream at him to save you.

12 Tell him that you saw him and Jacob sneaking around at night

13 Wink at him when you say number 12

14 Throw garlic at him, screaming 'DIE DIE DIE!!'

Tehee :3 Those are my FAVORITE! Yet once again, no offence to Edward lovers.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

William Shatner

I've recently starting watching Boston Legal with Kate and my dad, somtimes Jamie. I would think being being a lawyer would be and very fun job! Lot's of different jobs keep coming up and they're interesting me! But of course I would be getting an actual job 'till i am MUCH older :D

I was watching an episode where Denny Crane is helping this celebrity who had attempted murder and when they were walking into the court room and the paparazzi was asking quitsions all he said ws "Denny Crane" which ALWAYS makes me laugh. He such a funny guy! I want to watch more shows or films with William Shatner!

I've also been reading the autobiography of William Shatner, where he begins his book with somthing about a gorilla named Koko. It's just to funny! I say that a lot when i talk about William Shatner, but he really is just TOO funny!!

Well I have to go do my chores soooooo Em is outtah the building/site! :O

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yay!! Kate wrote about my blogging and I have some readers! WOOT! Hahaha.

The days are getting wamer and I'm happy! I think it's just a one time thing and then the cold will come back to haunt me. But atleast I can go sledding, because I havn't done that yet. But then again I'm all backwards. I wish I could sledding in the summer and then I don't go sledding in the winter. I drink more slurpies and eat more icecream in the winter I also want to go swimming, and when I do I walk home and let my hair freeze to my face! Infact I want to go swimming today but it's WAY warmer today.

Today it is much warmer because when I was delivering I had to unzip my coat and pull of my gloves! Of course I didnt take off my hat because I always have morning hair! (I deliver in the morning on weekends) Let's just hope this evil cold doesnt come back!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I LOVE Jacob Black!

I am in love with Jacob Black from the Twilight series! I have only really read the first two books. He hardly shows up in the first book but he seems so totally AWESOME! He is in the second book a LOT more, so i was happy when i read it. I really want to get the third book called Eclipse because all my friends say that he comes up a lot more! Anothe reason I like Jacob Black is that i have always loved werewolves more than vampires! And plus he doesnt break Bella's heart *cough*EDWARD!*cough*

Here are some reason why everybody (including Bella!!) should love Jacob Black:

1. He's a DOG!!

2. He's super warm!

3.He's alive

4.He's the right kind of monster

4.He's furry and shaggy!

5.He keeps promises

6.Charlie (Bella's dad) likes him

7.He laughs at stuff that makes weaker men cringe.

8.He smiles from ear to ear

9.He doesn't suck blood

10.He growls...enough said :D

Sorry to Edward lovers, he's super cool to just not enough :O

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I hate cold-ness!

I know nobody's reading my blog right now, atleast not YET. Kate will hopefully blog about me blogging. I had a journalspace account but i NEVER used it. I promise this time i WILL use this one.

Today when i was delivering the papers to people i got REALLY dizzy all of a sudden so i sat down on a big pile of snow. I closed my eyes only for a few seconds and when i tried to open them i couldn't! My eyelashes had frozen together, so i had to take off my gloves and try to melt the frost on my eyelashes with my fingers (in minus 34 weather) after 20 seconds i melted all the frost and dilvered all the papers and went home. When i got home i looked in the mirror to see what the other people outside saw and on my cheek was a frozen droplet of water (no it wasnt a tear!)nd i realized that the the little droplet was from the melted frost on my eyelashes and when i look at my eyelashes ther were frozen into on BIG POINTY eyelash. I have to admit i looked pretty stylish ;D

Anyways i have to go know (i don't HAVE to) because my favorite show Friends (im a BIG fan) is on sooo cyah later, Emily IN! I mean OUT!!!!!