Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ugh, I haven't blogged in a long time. SORRY :O

So, now that I'm in middle school, there is supposed to be more drama (but there was more in elementary school) but so far I've only seen one incident in which their is drama. So this boy, I'll call him BK, he asked one my my friends out, I'll call her MM. She of course said yes because he is a cutey and he seemed really nice, and had funny jokes and always made her laugh! But after and week, he wanted her to kiss him! And we're only in grade six! Thank God, she said no and she broke up with him right after that! I mean the next think you know he wants her to make out with him and blah blah blah!

After that, he was desperate to find another girlfriend, because he had never been dumped before. So now he is hitting on girls all over the place and asking them out one after another! He finally found one girl to go out with him (she is also my friend) and she says that the minute she even hears a single rumour he wants her to kiss him, she is going to go all physco on his butt!

Even after they are together now, he still hits on other girls, or at least that's what I see. I feel really bad for any girl that 'hooks up' with him.

If we were in high school I would get why somebody would want his girlfriend to kiss him, but even then if she is not ready she shouldn't be forced to! And like I said we are only in grade six, so it really annoys me.

And I know, some of you are going to read this blog and totally think it is stupid that sixth graders are going out! Kate says that there is no reason to go out with somebody, because it not like when you have a boyfriend in grade six you can really do anything with him you can't do when he is your friend. I'm not allowed to go out, but personally I think that kids go out for the possessiveness. Like they're saying, "I like this person and he/she likes me! So please don't go asking him/her out all over the place!" lol that's what I think it is.

ANYWAYS, Kate is probably going to want the computer So I will log off now. CYAH!!

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  1. Oh, he's going to be lots of trouble when he's older!